20th Anniversary of New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam



During the past 20 years of the establishment and development, New Toyo Pulpply (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has faced many difficulties as well as challenges in order to provide the market high quality products of paper at reasonable prices, which is accepted by Vietnamese consumers.

Achieving this honorable result is thanks to the company’s leaders who has constantly receiving, searching and researching on the manufacturing techniques, management system, building distribution systems, building stand-out and effective marketing strategies. It is the hard work of the company’s leaders, staffs and workers which gradually support the company becoming a steadfast team in terms of management, industry expert and sensitive market. At present, products, for example, Pulpply, May, An An etc., in turn are on the top of paper trademark that Vietnamese consumers trust and select. Your products have been continuously selected as Vietnam High Quality products from 2005 to now.

In addition, the environment protection task is always taken care of by the company. New Toyo is the paper mill in Vietnam that is certified by the FSC – an international standard system for the responsible forest management with community and society. The company uses the technology processing paper in high temperature to destroy harmful bacteria, allowing the production of tissue paper with the highest quality in term of hygiene, in order to meet the increasing demand of consumers.

On behalf of New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of of all the employee and congratulations the achievements that the company has gained in the past years.

New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam 

Duration: 26/01/2018  18:00pm~22:00pm 

Location: Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon 

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