Distinguishing between Real and Fake Tissue Paper

   Nowadays, counterfeit AnAn toilet rolls have permeated the market, being widely sold in all kinds of stores.

So how do we differentiate them? Are you a victim of this fraud?

Be a Smart Consumer!

In order to preserve integrity as well as protect the health of any customer and their families, it is imperative that each individual be equipped with knowledge to discern genuine AnAn toilet tissue from fake ones. In the following, Pulppy would like to share some characteristics of real AnAn toilet paper that one can recognize:

- AnAn toilet paper has a sharp embossed pattern. On the surface of the paper, there are butterflies, flowers, and diamond-shaped polka dot patterns.

- The core is printed with the AnAn logo. Some counterfeits print out similar words/logos to AnAn, e.g., “Anna,” “Nana,” etc.

 - The prints on AnAn’s packaging are clear and sharp, smooth to the touch but not thin.

 - AnAn toilet paper is made from recycled pulp with little to no dust. On the other hand, some establishments make counterfeits from recycled, dusty, and friable paper; they also use white paper that is often mixed with nylon, causing it to feel dry and squishy like a plastic bag when held, to say nothing of its dusty texture and difficulty to dissolve in water.

- In terms of length, AnAn toilet paper is approximately 21 meters/roll; however, its fake counterpart is usually about 13-17 meters long, hence its meager weight. 

Current AnAn toilet paper design

With all this information, it is very possible to identify fake paper products that imitate the AnAn brand at a glance. These types of counterfeit products are made from poor recycled materials that contain harmful impurities and microorganisms which can induce inflammation, allergies, and so on.

Hopefully the above information is useful in helping you avoid fake AnAn products that sneak their way into the market. May you improve your life with your loved ones today.

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