The University of Finance and Marketing (UFM) is hosting the Marketing Intellympics, an academic competition, and Pulppy is the Diamond Sponsor. This events proves that Pulppy is a trailblazer in aiding and encouraging the growth of Vietnam's marketing sector.

Pulppy is proud to participated in Marketing Intellympics (UFM)

On May 25th, 2024, Pulppy attended the final of Intellympics Marketing compeition with the title of Diamond Sponsor hosted by the University of Finance and Marketing (UFM).

Pulppy’s diamond sponsor cup

The Intellympics Marketing Competition (UFM) draws young marketing talent from around the nation. With a variety of professional challenges, the competition offers competitors not only a chance to showcase their abilities, but also a platform for networking, education, and relationship-building within the marketing industry.

Pulppy’s team attended the event

Pulppy would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Intellympics Marketing Competition (UFM), as well as the organizing committee, judges, and contestants in general.

Pulppy also expressed gratitude to the University of Finance and Marketing for setting up a safe, secure, and opportunity-rich environment for aspiring marketers. It is hoped that this occasion will remain a bright spot for innovative and forward-thinking marketing concept.

Pulppy’s offline activites

Pulppy give away pocket tissues and received a lot of positive feedback from students as they participated in the offline activites.

Giveaway/ like fanpages activities at the final of Marketing Intellympics competition

Giveaway/ like fanpages activities at the final of Marketing Intellympics competition

With the goal of positioning Vietnam as the premier hub for digital marketing in Southeast Asia, Pulppy will keep fostering the growth of the marketing community. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing sector, Pulppy is dedicated to supporint upcoming marketing talent as they grow and solidify their place in the global market.

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