Pulppy designed a brand new New Year limited packaging for Year 2020

On this special occasion of New Year 2020, Pulppy have launched a special design specifically for this Tet holiday with the image of the mouse family and many great meanings ahead. 

The mouse is the first zodiacs with a quick-witted character. Mouse also represent rare intelligence. According to old saying, wherever a mouse comes in, there is always an abundance of food. Therefore, mouse are animals that symbolize good wealth and prosperity. It is believed that the image of a yellow mouse at home will bring a lot of fortune to the family.

Pulppy facial Tet box 2020 

With that idea, Pulppy have launched a special design specifically for this Tet holiday with the image of a happy, reunited genius mouse family. The family included the mouse god of wealth, the mouse godness of wealth and three little mouse in total. They are extremely lovely, chubby. Besides, the  family had bought themself a new set of clothing for gretting neighboorhood during Tet and bring lots of luck and fortune to every family. The outer box yellow represents the prosperity, the red here symbolizes prosperity and the traditional color of Vietnamese New Year.

Pulppy facial Tet box 2020 with 3 boxes/ carrier, 20 carriers

The mouse family symbolize millions happiness of small families. The connection and affection of family is always considered as the foundation and root of each person and is cleverly expressed through the image of the mouse family. Thus, being with family is the greatest happiness in the beginning of year, and this message is well conveyed via the image of mice with happiness and joy.

The product is avaliable nationwide in all supermarkets and outlets. 

With the Lunar New Year coming, the mouse God of wealth welcoming everyone back to thier home town, accompanying the members during Tet holiday with bustling laughter,delicious food and peaceful family stories on Tet holiday which is something that Pulppy wants to convey in this special design.

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