This event marks the 25-year journey of the company’s development while also raising funds for charity to support children with difficult circumstances.

As part of a series of projects celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company, the “Pulppy’s 25th Anniversary – Journey Unfolding” marathon event, organized by New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd., attracted more than 250 participants.

  “Pulppy’s 25th Anniversary – Journey Unfolding” Marathon event with over 250 participants

In addition to being an event that commemorates the company’s anniversary, Pulppy also hosted the marathon with the aim of promoting the health, sportsmanship, and solidarity of all employees. The 05-km race course is located in the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park. At the end of the event, the organizing committee awarded 10 prizes worth a total of 24 million VND to the winners.

Mrs. Nhan My Quan Deputy General Manager of New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd., gave a speech at the event


During the closing ceremony, Mrs. Nhan My Quan – Deputy General Manager of New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd., hoped that this marathon event would send a positive message to every individual and community regarding the importance of personal health, social responsibility, and environmental protection. Furthermore, this activity serves as a favorable occasion for employees to strengthen their bonds and encourage each other to make society a better place. Lastly, this is also an opportunity for the company to interact with and express gratitude to valued partners, customers, and suppliers.

 With charity as the focal point of the event, New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd. donated all the money raised from the race to a fund that supports impoverished children in Binh Duong province. Alongside the donation, the company also gifted the limited edition Pulppy Facial Box Tissue – Tet 2024. This is the latest Tet product that Pulppy has just launched on the market in limited quantities.

This event demonstrates that business development goes hand in hand with the responsibility that a company upholds as well as the effort that is made to contribute to the environment and community through practical means.

                                                   Runners warming up before the race

“25 years may not be a very long time, but it is nonetheless a journey that symbolizes the culmination of painstaking effort and hard work by the Board of Directors and employees that went into building the Pulppy brand,” said Mrs. Nhan My Quan.

In the future, Pulppy is determined to assert its corporate position going forward and strive to improve, innovate, and enhance product quality; this corresponds with the “Reach High, Go Far” message that the marathon event wants to convey.

 Established in 1998, New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of tissue. Over its 25 years of establishment and development, the company has launched many high-quality product lines that earned the favor of numerous consumers. Pulppy, May, and AnAn are the top 3 reputable brands of the company present in distribution systems nationwide and in countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, Australia, and so on.

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