Pulppy Softpack Facial Tissue Polar Bear - The Definitive Choice for Every Family

    In view of the increase in facial tissue demand, New Toyo Pulppy launched a new product in early October 2020 to meet the needs of the market - Pulppy Softpack Facial Tissue Polar Bear: 250 sheets included with larger specifications and longer use per purchase.

In this day and age, softpacks are essential items that play an important role in each family’s daily life. With that in mind, Pulppy has launched a new product with quality that fits the bill.

Pulppy Softpack facial tissue Polar Bear 250 sheets

Pulppy softpack facial Polar Bear 250 sheets - convenient for long term use with economical pricing. With a modern design, this product uses a warm orange color for its background that catches the attention of customers at a glance; when displayed on market shelves, it will be prominent and alluring to the eyes. The image of a mother bear holding her cub gently can be seen on the package, showing maternal love, tenderness and softness just like Pulppy tissues. The new packaging model is not only appealing to adults, but also attractive to a younger demographic. Overall, the packaging exudes a feeling of energy and closeness.

Pulppy softpak facial tissue Polar Bear is made of 100% pulp, naturally white, and manufactured with state of the art technology; thus, its texture is velvet soft yet resilient, not to mention its high level of absorbency. Consequently, it is safe for the skin and will not easily tear while cleaning even when it absorbs water.

The elegant ambience of Pulppy softpack facial tissue Polar Bear in the kitchen

Pulppy softpack facial tissue Polar Bear is a product that captures the essence of convenience, as it is easy to carry around on multiple occasions, such as when traveling with friends and family. In addition, it is a rather stylish product to be placed on the dining table, in the living room, in one’s car, or on one’s desk in the office. All in all, Pulppy softpack facial tissue Polar Bear fulfills many purposes in modern life.

Established in Vietnam since 1998, Pulppy is a popular tissue brand that has been offering dedicated care to Vietnamese families. With the motto of granting customers the greatest satisfaction and creating the foundation for long-term development without fail, Pulppy is committed to always strive for high quality products, compete in market prices, bring about maximum benefits for customers, and continue to be a reputable and reliable partner in the paper industry.

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