At 17/05/2024, New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam warmly welcome CLB DNT Cho Lon for the company visit. This is an opportunity for Pulppy to share useful information about the production process, products as well as the core values that Pulppy brand aims for.

Signage warmly welcome CLB DNT Cho Lon

Pulppy’s modern production technology

      The CLB DNT Cho Lon visited Pulppy's company and experienced the whole contemporary production process in action. Pulppy uses the most cutting-edge technology in all aspects of production, quality assurance, and packaging, from importing raw materials to ensuring that goods fulfill strict requirements.

It's important to note that Pulppy consistently prioritizes enhancing manufacturing procedures and product quality by making ongoing investments in cutting-edge machinery technology. Automated machinery and equipment on manufacturing lines increase precision and reduce errors during the production process.

Furthermore, Pulppy enforces stringent regulations concerning the environment, worker safety, and user safety. Thanks to that, Pulppy's goods consistently guarantee customers' complete satisfaction and safety.

Sustainable commitment

     During the business visit, CLB DNT Cho Lon also had the opportunity to learn more about Pulppy's commitment to sustainability.

Pulppy always strives to regenerate and efficiently use natural resources, while applying environmentally friendly measures throughout the entire production process.

Besides, Pulppy also focuses on improving social community through social activities and always supports and participates in charity programs and community development projects annually.

Pulppy’s representative Mrs.Nhan My Quan – Deputy General Manager’s sharing  

Opportunity to meet, discuss, and answer questions

       At Pulppy, CLB DNT Cho Lon has the opportunity to meet, discuss and, answer questions related to Pulppy's products.

Pulppy’s employee are always willing to hear what clients have to say and to offer clear, comprehensive product information.
This not only helps customers have a deeper perspective at the product, but also shows Pulppy's appreciation and respect for our customers.

Continuous development, growing farther and higher  

       Pulppy would like to sincerely thanks to the CLB DNT Cho Lon for taking the time to visit the company. The interest and support of our customers is the motivation for Pulppy to continue its efforts to develop and improve the quality of products and services.

In order to effectively satisfy the growing needs of its clientele, Pulppy intends to keep growing farther and higher in the near future.

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