• Sku :   805802-80136
  • Producer :   New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam
  • Barcode :   8935018802020

Detail Information

Pulppy facial box tissue-Tet 2020 have an exclusive design especially for this year’s Tet holiday with the image of a happy and reunited mice family. This family includes God of mice, Goddess of mice, and three little mischievous mice. With the lovely look and harmonious setting, the mice family brings out the most beautiful appeal and clothing to greet family and friends as well as welcoming Tet. In addition, the yellow here symbolized the wealth, the red stands for prosperity. Besides, these colors are also an authentic traditional color for Vietnamese Tet holiday.


Pulppy facial box tissue-Tet 2020

13.5 gsm +/- 2 gsm, 140 sheets x 3 ply, dimensions 186 (L) x 200 (W) mm
03 box/carrier, 20 carriers/carton.

Likewise, New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam wishes your family lots of happiness, prosperity, and luck this Tet holiday.