About us

Pulppy has been founded in Vietnam is 1998, up to now New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam has been offering and providing in Vietnam market with different kinds of products for Vietnamese citizens and the industrial channel (Away From Home) as well. There are three famous and well-known brands namely Pulppy Ⓡ, May Ⓡ, AnAnⓇ.

Our products has appeared and exhibited all areas in Vietnam, they are from distributors to retailers as well as shopping centers at the moment. Restaurants, hotels, big departments, healthcare centers and industrial zones have considered about our products like the best one to take and consume.

In addition, our products also have in foreign markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Cambodia with the famous brand of PulppyⓇ. We are a trusted supplier which supplies the work in process product (Jumbo Roll Tissues) for other firm in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia to make their final products. We ourselves are currently expanding the market segmentations to USA (United States of America), Laos, Myanmar and some other Asian countries in the next few years.

With the social responsibility, obligation for protecting the environment and using the natural resources to make premium goods to provide for our markets and by doing so, our customers can thus completely trust and believe in our goods from New Toyo Pulppy (Vietnam). We are using the contemporary equipment and machine from Japan and our firm is the one in Vietnam that has got FSC certificate. What is more, we have the equipment that can do paper processing in very high temperature to kill germs and it can produce Pulppy’s products at the highest quality for bathroom products which will surely satisfy and be suitable for all customer’s demands.