About us

New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam was established in Vietnam in 1998 and has been providing the Vietnamese market with various kinds of products for Vietnamese citizens along with industrial channels (Away From Home). Here are three exquisite as well as well-known brands: Pulppy®, May®, and AnAn®.

Our products have been approved and exhibited across Vietnam, from distributors to retailers to shopping centers; restaurants, hotels, resorts, department buildings, healthcare centers, and industrial zones have all regarded our products as their best choice for purchase and consumption.

In addition, we have been exporting our goods to foreign markets in Asia and Europe with the well-known brand Pulppy®. We are also a trusted supplier that supplies work-in-process products (Jumbo Roll Tissues) for other firms in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia to facilitate the making of finished products. Currently, we are expanding our market toward the United States of America, Laos, Myanmar, and Southeast Asia.

In order to uphold social responsibilities along with the duty to preserve the environment, we make it a point to utilize natural resources to produce premium goods that customers can fully trust. We use state-of-the-art equipment and machinery from Japan and have acquired FSC certification. Moreover, we possess equipment that can process paper at high temperatures to kill germs and thereby produce products of the highest quality that assure customer satisfaction.